Chemical resistance of CHEMOTHERM SPE
resistant moderately resistant not resistent
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Salts, aqueous solutions, non oxydating (carbonates, nitrates, phosphates, sulphates)
Salts, aqueous solutions, oxydating (chromates, hypochlorites) 1 -
Salts, aqueous solutions: bromides, fluorides 1 -
Salts, aqueous solutions: chlorides
Salts, molten, non oxydating (borates, chlorides) 1 -
Salts, molten, oxydating (nitrates, chlorates)
sea water
silane A 187
silicon tetrachloride, dry 1
silicone oil
silver salts, see salts
soda, aqueous solution
sodium aluminate lye
sodium dichromate, <20%
sodium hypochlorite, <20%, 23°C
sodium hypochlorite, <5%, boiling 1
sodium salts, see salts
spindle oils
spirit of wine
steam, saturated
sulphur chloride
sulphur dioxide, humid
sulphur dioxide,dry
sulphur hexafluoride
sulphur trioxide 1
sulphur, <115°C
sulphur, boiling 1
sulphuric acid, <7,5%, 23°C
sulphuric acid, >7,5% 1
sulphurous acid, <300°C
sulphuryl chloride 1
synthetic resin dispersion, aqueous
1 In cases of insufficient resistance, gaskets can be fitted with an inner eyelet of resistant metal for satisfactory results. Details on request.