Chemical resistance of REINZOFLON E
Chemical resistance of REINZOFLON E as a survey list
Important notes about using this list
Only the chemical resistance of REINZOFLON E is described. Questions concerning sealability or Codes of Practice are not discussed, as these depend on the relevant operating conditions.
Source of the data
The data are based on experience, literary research, and laboratory tests. Partially, they are analogous conclusions. Therefore, no warranty can be accepted for individual applications.
Temperature limits
The specified chemical resistance is independent of temperature, except for those chemical media with conditional suitability. With the latter, chemical resistance is reduced at increasing temperature.
Warranty claims
The specified data have been compiled to the best of our knowledge. They are valid for the material "as delivered", without any additional treatment. In view of the many possible installation and operating conditions, definitive conclusions cannot be drawn regarding the behaviour of a sealed joint in every application. The data cannot be used as a basis for any warranty claims.