Service – We attach great importance to customer support
Nowadays, not only the product is important. It's customer service that makes the difference in the face of fierce competition. And for us, that's a decisive issue.
Therefore, the Service Package from Victor Reinz has a lot to offer.

Requirement analysis
We're not just passive listeners, we tell you exactly what the best solution to your problem should be. In a detailed specification, we define the optimum modular sealing system to suit your requirements. This gives you transparency and reliability for your projects.

Design and construction
Early in the design phase, we conduct computer-simulated installation tests, take the assembly sequences and packaging into account, and give advance thought to recycling concepts and material sorting. Of course, we also make sure that functionality is not neglected.

Finite Elements Method (FEM)
On request, we will carry out FEM calculations for your complex sealing systems. With FEM, there is no need for empirical methods during the design of a new sealing system. This means shorter development times and goes easy on your budget.
FEM-simulated creep deformation normal to the sealing surface. The calculation serves to establish the influence of the ribbing at different installation pressures.

The latest Rapid Prototyping techniques such as plastic laser sintering or stereo-lithography enable us to make prototypes quickly. This means you will see concrete results at a very early stage of development.

In addition to real testing of the sealing system directly on the application on the test bench, we conduct extensive simulation tests in our chemical and physical laboratories - and leave nothing to chance.
Dynamic tests on the shaker determine the endurance and the response to vibrations of modular sealing systems.

The system concept is continued during the production of your sealing systems. Lean production lines, production islands and full integration of all the components in the production process ensure short throughput times with maximum quality. This saves time and costs.

Systematic quality
In accordance with our quality management system ISO/TS 16949, Victor Reinz accepts full responsibility for all sealing systems down to the last screw. What's more, certification by DIN EN ISO 14001 proves that quality is possible even under observance of the tightest environmental regulations.

Logistics and packaging
The delivery of fully assembled modular sealing systems minimizes your logistics expenses. At a very early design stage, Victor Reinz also pays attention to optimized packaging under economical, ecological, and logistic aspects.