AFM 5 / AFM 7
Technical Data Sheet 105 (previously TDS 123)
Edition: 07/2021, supersedes all prior editions.
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AFM 5 is an asbestos-free gasket material. The core consists of a tanged sheet of galvanized steel and a steel wire mesh on both sides. A soft mass composed of inorganic fillers and high-grade elastomers is pressed into this metal laminate.

AFM 7 differs from AFM 5 in that stainless steel is used for its core. Due to the higher temperature resistance of the tanged stainless steel sheet, AFM 7 can be subjected to higher thermal stress than AFM 5.

Both materials are highly resistant to mechanical and thermal stress. Due to their low relaxation rates, gaskets made of AFM 5 or AFM 7 do not usually need to be retorqued.

For sealed joints under high mechanical and thermal stress, for example in turbochargers and exhaust systems. When combined with a stainless steel inner eyelet or casing, the resistance to temperature (no direct contact of the hot exhaust fumes with the material core) and gas sealability (no transverse diffusion) can be increased even more.
The special material properties also permit the material to be used for cylinder head gaskets in certain applications.

For special applications, individual coatings applied over the full or partial surface are available.

Technical Data
(nominal thickness
1.50 mm)
Weight per surface unit kg/m² ≈ 6.9
Residual stress acc. to DIN 52 913
16 h, 300°C N/mm² > 38
Compressibility and recovery
acc. to ASTM F 36, procedure J
compressibility % 3 - 10
recovery % > 45
Swelling acc. to ASTM F 146
in IRM 903 Oil (replaces ASTM Oil No. 3)
5 h, 150°C
increase in thickness % < 10
in water / antifreeze (50:50)
5 h, 100°C
increase in thickness % < 4
Maximum operating temperature
AFM 5 °C 600
AFM 7 °C 750
Surface pressure
maximum at 300°C N/mm² 100

The data quoted above are valid for the material "as delivered" without any additional treatment. In view of the countless possible installation and operating conditions, definitive conclusions cannot be drawn for all applications regarding the behaviour in a sealed joint. Therefore, we do not give any warranty for technical data, as they do not represent assured characteristics. If you have any doubt, please contact us and specify the exact operating conditions.

Form of delivery
Gaskets according to a drawing. dimensions given. or other arrangement.

Rolls 500 mm wide. length 100 m
Other forms of delivery by arrangement
Nominal thicknesses and tolerances (mm)

AFM 5:
+0.10 / -0.02
+0.08 / -0.04
+0.07 / -0.08
+0.07 / -0.08

AFM 7: