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thermo-glide is a coating for metal gaskets, and consists of a combination of high-temperature resistant resins and special inorganic lubricants.

thermo-glide can be used for temperatures up to 1000 °C and provides excellent micro-sealing at highest temperatures.

Through the use of various wear & friction-reducing lubricants, thermo-glide has optimum sliding properties within a wide temperature range. It effectively prevents surface defects through cold pressure welding. Moreover, it greatly reduces fretting of gasket and components under thermal and dynamic loads.

The coating also reliably prevents the gasket "baking", and therefore simplifies disassembly in case of service without damaging adjacent components.

thermo-glide is specially made for joints requiring micro-sealing under high dynamic and thermal loads, as well as components with different thermal expansion, e.g. gaskets for exhaust manifolds, turbo chargers, for the EGR system, and other gaskets in the exhaust system (flanges, catalytic reactors, etc.).

thermo-glide is a powder coating (functional coating) for improved adaptation to micro-roughness of component surfaces.

Normally, thermo-glide is applied to the side of the gasket facing the hotter and/or rougher side of the joint.

Technical Data
Typical thickness of coating µm 30
Component roughness Rz µm < 20
Continuous maximum temperature °C 1000
Comparison of thermo-glide leakage rate
BEAD VS 6. bead load of 160 N/mm
The data quoted above are valid for the material "as delivered" without any additional treatment. In view of the countless possible installation and operating conditions, definitive conclusions cannot be drawn for all applications regarding the behaviour in a sealed joint. Therefore, we do not give any warranty for technical data, as they do not represent assured characteristics. If you have any doubt, please contact us and specify the exact operating conditions.

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