Technical Data Sheet
Edition: 08/2022, supersedes all prior editions.
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REINZOFLON E consists of pure, virginal PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) that has been expanded multi-directionally.

Because it consists of pure PTFE, REINZOFLON E exhibits excellent chemical resistance.
Due to its multi-directional structure, it also features very high mechanical strength and creep resistance for a PTFE material. Moreover, its dimensional stability is also particularly high, i.e. it has exceptional resistance against lateral flow. This results in a long-term, reliable seal.
On the other hand, REINZOFLON E is soft, and therefore particularly conformable.
In addition, it is physiologically harmless.

REINZOFLON E is used in the form of flat gaskets in pipework, fittings, pumps, vessels, stirrers, heat exchangers, etc., if the media to be sealed is so aggressive that a PTFE gasket is required. This is the case particularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, but also in cellulose or aluminium production, where strong acids and lyes are employed.
Due to its physiological harmlessness, it is also suitable for use in foodstuffs applications, and for sealing pollutant-sensitive, highly pure products such as paint bases, vitamins, etc.

FDA compliant
acc. to 21 CFR §177.1550

Technical Data
(nominal thickness
2.00 mm)
Density (DIN 28 090-2)
g/cm³ 0.75±0.15

Compressibility (ASTM F 36 M)
% > 60

Recovery (ASTM F 36 M)
% > 8

Creep resistance (DIN 52 913, TF)
16h, 150 °C, 30 N/mm²

N/mm² 20

Gas tightness (DIN 3535, part 6)
mg / (s·m) 0.01

Maximum continuous temperature
°C 230

Maximum operating pressure*
bar 50

* Maximum operating pressure depends on the installation conditions, and can or may be higher under suitable circumstances. Please contact us if in doubt.

Max. continuous temperature and max. pressure must not occur simultaneously.

The data quoted above are valid for the material "as delivered" without any additional treatment. In view of the countless possible installation and operating conditions, definitive conclusions cannot be drawn for all applications regarding the behaviour in a sealed joint. Therefore, we do not give any warranty for technical data, as they do not represent assured characteristics. If you have any doubt, please contact us and specify the exact operating conditions.

Form of delivery
Gaskets according to a drawing, dimensions supplied, or other arrangement.

Sheets 1500 x 1500 mm (standard size)

Nominal thicknesses and tolerances


other thicknesses on request